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In the beginning...

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Episode 1 - 01

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Seriphyn Knight Chronicles: Episode 4 - 05

Our journey resumed some distance in the same manner as before yet our pace was a lot more causal. Almost as if our henchman was letting some of his guard down around us. Another interesting experience.

Eventually, we arrived to the entrance of an office chamber.  I assumed it was an office from the imperial flags swaying proudly high on other side of an intricately patterned wooden door.

The henchman knocked on the door, waited for the command to enter and them opened the way for us to step inside.

A tinge of sadness pained my heart when the henchman removed himself from the room. No doubt our time with him had come to an end. Not that we had much of a bond to begin with but our journey, if anything, wasn't short of an adventure.

Silence and the sound of a ticking clock surrounded us as we waited, alone, in the center of the office that contained little more than a desk, two chairs and a pile of leather bound tomes that seemed more for decoration than actual use.

Our waiting wasn't for long.  I was glad I had kept my voice to myself.

'Disappointing, bloody disappointing. Chief Randall gets boys and I'm left with useless girls,' said Chief Morisset as stepped before us to take a good look at our faces.

A look of disgust in his eyes made it clear that we were not what he wanted.  I gulped down my pride and observed his cocky casualness.  He relaxed into a chair and rested his feet (in polished boots) up on the desk.

'Still, both you aren't ugly. If I'd say by Chief Randall's standards, you'd be pretty.  Especially, you blondy-blue-eyed girl.' Chief Morisset pointed at Kalia.

I noticed Kalia's hands twitch and curl up with an urge to make fists.

'Lemme guess, from Armia Garden's right?  Yeah, your pretty looks would get a fine amount of lein. Bet you dance graceful like a Dweamer's daughter too from your looks. Assuming, you're a virgin; I could probably fetch a couple ten thousand lein for you at a high class Lupanar,' he smirked with a greedy look in his eyes.

His eyes went ice cold when he met mine.

'You... there is something... strange.'

He surprised Kalia and myself when he swiftly rose from his chair and threw a dagger at me; the tip of it narrowly missing the corner of my eye.  I tensed at the dull thwack I heard from the door behind me. From the corner of my eye I saw Kalia gulp nervously.  Her eyes drew both of ours toward the fresh short strands of mousy brown hair littering the floor near my feet.

'There it is.  Now I know you will get me nothing,' Chief Morisset spat out.

'That's enough!' said an older man as he stepped into the room.

'Master Asuras. I wasn't expecting you in the North Hold today. Why are you here?'  Chief Morisset didn't hide his annoyance of Master Asuras's untimely intrusion.

'To stop you from hurting my slaves.  I received word from Master Dagor that they had arrived and surprisingly in good health.  I wanted to see for myself if they would be fit for Milady Anwar.'

The two men continued their conversation in a formal tone. I sensed traces of a distasteful relationship between the two of them.

I observed the older man. Although he was shorter in height, his majestic indigo robes and tall stance made him appear taller.  Adding his long drawn wise grey beard and flowing hair, stern grey eyes and stoic demeanor. It felt his presence towered over the chief's.  I could also see that the Chief felt this too from his slightly hunched shoulders.

'Let's have a look at you both,' Master Asuras changed subjects with a firm clap of his hands.

His observation of us only lasted for a couple of seconds before he returned his attention back to Chief Morisset and issued out some orders involving us.

'No dilly dallying Amos.  I expect the girls, in the same condition they are in now, at the temple before light-fall,' was Master Asuras's final orders before he left the room.

'Like I would touch numoiress filth,' Chief Morisset muttered at us before he opened the door behind us and issued orders for the henchman, waiting outside, to remove us from his sight.

Kalia and I breathed a sigh of relief when we found ourselves in the care of just henchmen again.

'Did the other man say temple?' I whispered bravely to Kalia as we walked along a straight corridor.

Kalia nodded. 'I think so Neven.'

Those were our last words for a long time before reaching the jade doors of the Main Zone.